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How it works?

9Apps APK are offered on this websites to provide an amazing user experience while using your smartphone. Are you an Android phone user? Do you face frequent memory overflows in your mobile phone? With the introduction of WhatsApp, mobile phone communication has reached a new level. 

Today, many images, audios, videos and other multimedia messages are being shared through these applications. All these data occupy the majority portion of the phone’s memory. So, the phone memory or even the expandable external memory gets filled. It will be hard to delete the personal data. However, we need space for installing the new and necessary applications. In such a case, you can install smaller apps. Another great app to download videos online is called Vidmate which is an amazing tool for android device.


Many applications for Android phones are developed and available for the public from the Google Play Store. Although Google Play Store is a large application which occupies almost 70 MB of space in yourphone, everybody installs it. It is because, from the Play Store we can download and install other applications that we need for everyday use in our smart phone. Have we got any alternative?

9Apps fast & Instant Download

On this website you can download 9apps along with many other useful apps for your android phone. Download 9apps by clicking here. Just downloading is not enough, so make sure you read our guide on how to use it properly. Read the following article to see how 9apps work. 

Solution for all the storage problems 

Yes. 9Apps is an application which is only about 1.5MB in size, to download. Even after complete installation it occupies only about 10MB of space but it offers all the facilities of Google Play Store. You can get a number of programs and applications in this. There are more than 100,000 applications for you to choose from. You will get all varieties of applications in all genres. If you need a wall paper or ringtone for your Android phone you can download it from here. If you want to increase your productivity, you can download productivity tools. There are a number of applications like organizers, personal digital assistants, mail clients and many other useful applications that can be used for daily uses. If you want to spend your free time, then you can download entertainment apps like games, songs and videos etc.


9Apps Offers Many Options

There are so many games that are available in the 9 Apps that are not available in Google Play Store. After you complete your 9apps download, you get access to hundreds of games. While the games in Play Store costs a lot of money, you can download the same games for free in 9Apps. Moreover, the games that you download through 9Apps are not resource intensive. They can work with a limitedRAM and memory space. You can find games in many genres like action and arcade games. Racing, sports and adventure games are also available in 9Apps.


Some of the advantages of using 9 Apps over Google Play Store are as follows.

  • You get all the apps for free. Even the premium games that needs you to pay a huge sum in Play Store are available for free in 9Apps.
  • The apps from this source are backward compatible. Android is being developed at a rapid rate and there is new version of Android being launched every year. If you like your mobile phone or if you do not want to change the mobile phone, you will be left behind. You cannot update the Android in those phones. Applications from Play Store are automatically updated and only the latest version is available for the download. These apps work on the latest Android version alone. They cannot be installed in the previous versions of Android. Even if you are using Android phone, you cannot get the app that you want. However that is not the case in 9Apps. All versions of an application is available for you to download according to your need.
  • 9Apps provide safe apps.All the applications from it are free from Trojans, Malwares, Spywares and other Viruses. It is not only free but also safe to use.
  • You can download any application you want. Generally, in Play Store there are some restriction for your location. You cannot download an app if it is only for the people of a different country. However, you can download anything in 9Apps.
  • 9 Apps has a simple user interface which simplifies your download experience.
  • The apps are downloaded in the form of .apk files. So, you can share among your friends and other phones without the need of internet. It can also act as a backup.


Quick Guide To Install 9Apps

Installing 9 Apps and other apps from 9 Apps is a simple thing. However, the default settings of your mobile phone will not allow you to install from sources other than Google Play Store. You can bypass this easily by changing a small setting in your phone.


  1. Firstly, you have to go to the Settings of your phone and find the Security option in it.
  2. In the Security option there will be a submenu called Device Administration.
  3. You have to check the option Unknown Sources in it. This will enable you to install applications that are from sources other than the Play Store.

That is all. You are ready to go. You can now go to the downloaded files and find the necessary .apk file and click on it, to install.

Now, you can have your favorite app for free without the use of Google Play Store.