Vidmate App Download : Install Latest Free Version of Vidmate

What is Vidmate and why you should have it?

Are you a user of Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp? Chances are that you use at least one of these media. The digital world is being filled with more and more video content. Videos are an easy way to communicate ideas and as a result, today most social media has enabled the usage of videos. You cannot imagine the social media these days without these videos. Even memes have started to come with a lot of videos. If you like videos, then you should have Vidmate with you.

Vidmate – Your mate for watching videos from anywhere

Vidmate is an app that can help you to download videos from across a number of platforms and social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo and many other places. The best feature about Vidmate is that, it can do all these things from the same place. You need not worry about signing in each and every place. If the internet has got it, Vidmate can get it for you. Such is the advantage of Vidmate, that once you have it, you need not download or install any other application for viewing videos from the internet. It can also get you videos from the adult websites. This comes as an added advantage for the people who use this app.


Watch videos from across various social media

Vidmate can get you the latest videos from the most famous sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc.  While these websites and apps also allow downloading of the videos, some of the content can be protected. However, when you use Vidmate, you need not worry about all those things. It can download videos from across all these social media, that too at the same time. This interoperability of the app increases the ease of use for the users and that is exactly the reason for the exponential rise in the users of Vidmate. So, do not be left out and download Vidmate today.


Instead of downloading various apps to watch videos and stashing all of them in your internal memory, you can simply download this one app in your phone and keep the space in your mobile phone free for storing your videos.


Download your favourite videos seamlessly across platforms

With Vidmate, you no longer have to worry about shifting from one media to the other. All the accounts and your videos can be managed centrally from Vidmate. This wonderful feature makes it a must have app in your mobile phone. So, download Vidmate for your mobile phone today.


5 Reasons why you should have Vidmate in your mobile phone

One can say more than five reasons to have Vidmate in your phone but the following five are the most important reasons for which one should have the app in their mobile.

  1. Easy to access user interface – Vidmate has got a fluid navigation which augments and supports the touch screen of your mobile phones. Moreover, searching for your favourite videos was never this easy. With Vidmate all videos are literally at your fingertips.
  2. Get Videos from Facebook, YouTube, Dailymotion, Sound Cloud etc. – You can choose all the videos that you want to view and simply download them all in your mobile phone at a central location.
  3. Watch TV channels – Vidmate allows you to watch live TV programmes from a number of TV channels. Since, most TVs are also webcasted these days, you need not worry about the availability of your favourite channel.
  4. Watch movies and series – From Vidmate, you can also watch movies from online. This acts as a replacement for a number of other applications and you need not worry about the availability of the movies. Now a days, almost all movies, including the olden day classics are all available in the internet and with Vidmate, you can watch them all.
  5. Mobile phone optimised application – Since, a majority of users of Vidmate use it for the mobile phone, the application is optimised for the usage in mobile phones. So, the data usage of the app is relatively and you need not worry about the data charges that might be incurred.


Are the above five points, reasons enough for you to download Vidmate?


Vidmate for your Android Phone

Vidmate is available for download and usage in Android phones. If you are unable to find the app in the Play store, do not be worried. You can download the app from a number of other trusted sources. One of the most widely used and trusted website is 9apps. The advantages of 9apps is that the apps are all relatively smaller in size and you can download it as .apk files. These files are small and easy to transfer form mobile phone to mobile phone. This is the reason why most young users use the 9apps.

Installing Vidmate in your Android Phone

After downloading the file, it is very easy to install the file. All that you have to do is to run the installation .apk file. However, most Android phones, by default, do not allow the installation of unknown files. In order to circumvent this issue, you need to go to the settings of your phone and find the Applications sub category. Inside of that you have to change the settings into “Allow installation from Unknown sources”. This will enable the installation of third party application like Vidmate. Now, you can simply run the file and finish the installation.


Vidmate for your Apple iOS Phone

Vidmate also works well on an iphone that runs on the iOS. In fact you can find a separate file for the installation in iOS in the 9apps itself. The process is similar to what was done for an Android phone. You can also find files for installation in Windows phone there. When it comes to installing this app, you have more choices than what you need. You can download the files to your PC and then transfer it to the internal storage of the mobile for installing the app. If your mobile phone does not allow for the installation of the app, then you might want to change the security setting of your phone to allow it. If you are downloading it from a trusted source like 9apps, then you need not worry about the safety issues. So, you will not be stuck anywhere in the middle of an installation.